Barkerville Brewing Company

Stake your Claim
At Barkerville Brewing Co. we aim to pay homage to this historic region and tell its stories through our beer. We believe that beer is art; it is part of our culture. When done right, beer is a great way to share a taste of the past and make future memories that last.
Barkerville, BC


CrossRoads Brewing opened in March and is located in a historic garage and dealership in the downtown Prince George. CrossRoads represents the points at which crucial decisions are made. It also represents Prince George as the geographic centre of the province, highlighted by the convergence of the Nechako and Fraser rivers, the intersection of highways 16 & 97, and the crossing of the railway.
Prince George, BC

Left Field Cider Company

Handcrafted English-style cider.
Made in the heart of BC’s interior
Family-owned and operated by sisters Theresa and Kate, Left Field focuses on a small batch approach to traditional cider-making which brings out the natural characteristics of the apples. We make handcrafted, artisanal English-style cider by blending English and French cider varieties with BC dessert apples.
Logan Lake, BC


Northern Lights Winery

BC’s northern most winery produces a variety of fruit wines and blends using fruits primarily produced on site including blueberry, strawberry, haskap, gooseberry, apple, cherry, raspberry, black currant, and rhubarb in order to capitalize on local materials and climate.
Prince George, BC

Red Collar Brewing Company

All beers are equal but some beers are more equal than others.
Why Red Collar? Have you ever had a dog that was like a family member? We do, she’s a black lab named Goosey and she has always worn a red collar.  We expect to brew at least 25 different beers a year and bottle as much as we can. We want to keep it fun and fresh.
Kamloops, BC

Sherwood Mountain-Way

Sherwood Mountain-Way up in the northwest, somewhere south of Alaska and North of Washington State, there’s a place called Sherwood Mountain. It’s surrounded on all sides by snow-capped peaks and raging rivers. Now, while Sherwood shares its name with a famous forest, it doesn’t mean it has a bunch of Englishmen swinging from tree to tree in green tights. But like that forest of the same name, it most definitely has a Friar.

Three Ranges Brewing Company

A small town brewery making big flavour beer. At Three Ranges Brewing Company we brew the beers we like to drink. We use the finest ingredients we can find, sourced as locally as possible, to make the biggest flavour beers we can. Our beers range from light and refreshing to dark and roasty to hoppy and hoppier. Putting the ALE in vALEmount since 2013.
Valemount, BC


We are a little brewery at the end of the road on the left side of British Columbia.
Wheelhouse Brewing Company is the vision of three friends who fell in love with a remote North Coast town. Established in 2013 in Prince Rupert, BC, Canada, the Wheelhouse Brewing Company was created to satisfy the demand for great quality, great tasting beer on British Columbia’s North Coast.
Prince Rupert, BC

 Whitetooth Brewing Company

Beers to toast your ultimate moments to, inspired by the adventure that awaits in the mountains of Goldern, BC.